Don't let mildew be a problem in your house! 

It goes without saying that most American families have had a brush with mildew at one time or another.  It's every homeowner's worst nightmare....especially if you are trying to sell!

Mildew is a fungus that grows as a surface mold on virtually any material.  Dormant mildew spores are in the air almost everywhere and all they need to develop and prosper is a warm damp environment.  A foul or musty odor is the first sign that mildew is developing somewhere inside the home.  It is generally followed by red, green, or black stains that spread very rapidly and are difficult to remove. Aside from proper cleanup, there are several other measures that one can take to prevent the return of mildew...Ventilation tops the list! Good air circulation throughout the home will prohibit moisture from building, which is the prime breeding ground for mildew. Good luck and NO MORE MILDEW!