Escrow and Closing -

When the closing is scheduled, you are getting close to the finish line!  At the closing, your seller officially signs over the title to the house.  Your lender releases the purchase funds to the buyer, and of course, you sign reams of documents pledging to pay back your lender. 

The escrow agent conducts the closing and is often affiliated with the title insurance copnay.  Their job is to ensure 1) the buyer obtains a clean title, 2) the lender obtains a good mortgage that the costs of the transaction are paid, 3) that the seller's mortgage is paid off, and 4) that the seller receives their proceeds.

The escrow agent prepares a closing statement that outlines what the required funds are, show's who is paying and where the funds are to be deposited.  The agent will not disburse funds until they can guarantee that the above noted items have been taken care of.

The title/escrow company you are using will tell you how much you need to bring to closing.  Personal checks are not accepted, so bring a cashier's check.